09 Jun 2009

Johor Marine Parks_Tinggi Island

Johor Marine Park
Tinggi Island Marine Park

Marine Park is an area of the sea zone two nautical miles from the shore at lowest low tide as a sanctuary for the protection of its marine ecosystem especially coral reefs and its fauna and flora.
The Department of Marine Park under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has been tasked to established , administer and manage the Marine Park

Tinggi Island buleh di jejaki menerusi jeti tanjung Leman or Mersing jetty.
Tinggi uisland Marine Park terdiri dari kawasan 13 island yang di kelilingi air laut China selatan.
13 island are:
1. Harimau island
2.Mensirip island
3.Goal island
4. Besar island
5. tengah island
6.Hujong island
7.Rawa island
8.Tinggi island
9.Mentinggi island
10.Sibu island
11.Sibu hujung island
12.Pemanggil island
13.Aur island

These island is located off the northeast coast of The state of Johor and situated between 8 to 35 nautical miles from Mersing.
The islands group and its surrounding water was gazetted as A Marine Partk in 1994 under The Fisheries Act 1985 (Amended 1993…

The main economis activities on this lovely island is tourism and fishing.

Tourism development concentrated mainly in Besar Island, Sibu island, Tinggi Island, Pemanggil Island and Aur island…
Approximately 370 families are staying wellness in in this island…

Coral Reef

Dayang Island and Tikus island have the reefs which continuous belt from 8 to 18 meter while Simbang island and Pemanggil Island, it is found in much shallower (<8m…) waters.
Dead coral form about 4 % of the coral area and caused mainly by Acantaster planci and Drupellasp. As well as climate-induced coral bleaching.

Jetty at Kg Teluk Buau Pemanggil island is the acces as the main entrance for camping , boating, and enjoying a sightseeing tour activities.
Observing rock formation activity in Aur Island and observing the rain forest that covers the major part of the island

Other activities include hiking, birds watchind, rock climbing, surfing and diving…

Facilities and services
Wash facilities and toilet, picnic table and barbeque pits are provided at selected sites. A jetty at the visitors centre allows boats to com along the shore.
The Park management provides mooring buoys over coral reefs to allow for snorkeling and diving boats.
Visitors can buy small cendermata foods and drinks at villige shops…
There are dive shops that provided diving equipment for visitors hirings its and enjoy diving in this beautiful marine island park

Rawa island provides the accommodation for visitors such as chalet and hostel facilities ..

Conservation Fee rate are:
Adult RM5.00
Children (6-12 years old, senior citizens and disable people RM2.00